Can’t WriteToMyBlog

Thru Borderland’s Google Reader feed I discovered WriteToMyBlog It looks cool, and I’m all for web-based applications. Only one problem – I can’t for the life of me get it to work! I always get an error message when I click “Manage posts” or “publish”. Can’t be bothered to write for help.

Update: I take that back. I’ve finally managed to get something posted, after going around and around in some kind of Kafkaesque loop. Plus, for some reason all the <> and () and similar characters were all screwed up which took 5 minutes of just editing. Not sure it’s worth it.

I just added this post: after writing in the edit window, I click “publish”. A new window opens with the editing window still open. The new window is the main WriteToMyBlog window, which shows me which ID I’m logged in under. There’s a bunch of options and buttons, fortunately including the one I want: PUBLISH (why are all the others there? I just GOT here from clicking the PUBLISH button, so take me straight there already). Then I get another funny window which lists the blogs listed under my login ID. I click the one I want and hit PUBLISH NOW. Am I published yet? The editing window is STILL open. Weird.

Now, how do I create a NEW post?

Can’t get Ecto’s trial version to work, either. Oh screw it.

Zoho looks interesting (via the Fischbowl ). I think I’ll drop all this grading and go and explore! On the other hand, maybe later.

3 thoughts on “Can’t WriteToMyBlog”

  1. Thanks, Jon. Qumana is a desktop blog publishing tool. I’ve already got Blogjet. I was looking for a web-based one, as WriteToMyBlog is. If only I could get it to work!

  2. I don’t usually plug up peoples’ comnment sections with promotional material, but I took the liberty since you linked to me above, and since it looks like you look for tools that make it easier for you to develop fatser, easier blogging work flows.

    Jon Husband

  3. Have you tried Qumana yet ? It’s free, lots of people like it, it’s cross-platform. We just released a new version that works well with the new Blogger platform.

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