Making a commercial for your class

Dave Warlick likes using the ad for the game Civilization IV. Then he asks,

What if you had a commercial for your text book?  What if you made a commercial for your textbook?  Could You?

What if you had a commercial for your class?  What ifyou made a commercial for your class?  Could You?

Timely thought, as I’ve started a new intensive EFL class and need to pitch it to students, erm, tomorrow. I won’t be burning the candle at both ends tonight fiddling with Powerpoint or ComicLife or whatever, but it sounds like a fun and valuable project. Maybe I can delegate it?

One thought on “Making a commercial for your class”

  1. Yesterday I just had students turn in a project after doing a lesson on piracy. They had to prepare a pro-piracy or anti-piracy advertisement. Options were 2 posters, skit, radio broadcast, or video. The first two were for those not skilled in computers. The quality of my submissions were outstanding and the students clearly enjoyed doing it.

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