Your micro-business vs working in a corporation

A big corporation is a powerful machine with a lot of moving parts and very little tolerance for parts that are not able to contribute to the motion. Your decisions are limited, even at the highest levels, and your actions require coordination with those around you even when this doesn’t seem to make sense.

There is a great deal of momentum in a corporation and it takes forever to make any changes in direction or speed. Your praiseworthy attempts to develop a social conscience in the corporation, or to improve customer support to an acceptable level do not fall on deaf ears, they are an unacceptable irritant to those who are keeping the giant machine going.

David St Lawrence’s blog is full of useful nuggets. If you are looking for work, or thinking of changing jobs, you might be interested to read his book Danger Quicksand – Have a Nice Day.. David is a man who has put his money where his mouth is.

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