Yokohama JALT presentation

On Sunday, I presented at Yokohama JALT on “Introducing Self-Directed Learning at University”. They were an interested and interesting group of people, and I learned a lot from talking them. Afterwards, I updated my Powerpoint presentation and have uploaded it here (Powerpoint slides) and also here (as a Word doc).

I was particularly delighted to meet Renate Suzuki, Yo JALT’s Program Chair, primarily because she is a fun-loving character who put me at my ease within seconds of our meeting, and also because I’ve been reading Renate’s blog for a year now at least.

One thought on “Yokohama JALT presentation”

  1. great presentation, thanks! we all really enjoyed it. I never imagined you lived half way across the country…see how close blogging makes you feel!

    I see in your newest posts you’re thinking about getting naked in the classroom, and blogs, and who is protected…, and what it achieves. Good thread, this one! Did you see Karen and my Blogging Out (Threads of Reflection) presentation for the Webheads Online Convergence?

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