World Aids Day today, December 1st

Upperdate: I’m building up a list of resources on HIV/AIDS for TEFL teachers, particularly those in Japan/Asia (I’m obviously open to ESL AIDS resources, too). If you know any good sites, or want to join the wiki (or know of a good wiki that’s already been started on this), please leave it in a comment below, or email me directly.

Update: Mercy Corp has a good website on HIV/AIDS initiatives around the world.
And Barbara points me to the UK Oxfam website, which includes a video of Annie Lennox lending her support to the initiative.
Here’s series of pages created by and for middle school students in the US. (The English is roughly intermediate/upper-intermediate level.)

UNICEF UK has a good page of resources for teachers, including this page on teaching controversial issues.

According to this table, the infection rate in the US is 0.6% of the population (2003 estimate) (rank #69), that in the UK is 0.2 % (2001 estimate) (rank #93), in China 0.1% (2003 estimate) same as Japan (rank #126), and in Japan 0.1% (2003 estimate) (rank #148).

World Aids Day – December 1st. Find out more on Wikipedia, the World Aids Campaign, or
Check out this 8-minute video: Stop Aids – what will you do?

One thought on “World Aids Day today, December 1st”

  1. Check it out!

    I came across Oxfam’s website and they have a cool video from Annie Lennox talking about the key issues on World AIDS Day

    You can also learn about how Novartis Pharmaceuticals is challenging India in patent laws, which includes important public health safeguards.

    Hope you find it as interesting as I did.

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