Will Richardson’s book

Will Richardson‘s book An Educator’s Guide to Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, And Other Dynamic Internet Tools That Are Transforming the Classroom, ordered back in January from Amazon Japan, finally arrived yesterday. As top priorities right now are getting ready for the new academic year which starts this week and next (depending on the institution), I just skimmed it quickly and gave it to the library to catalogue (it belongs to the library anyway). But in a couple of weeks, I’ll be browsing it at leisure.

Speaking of Will (funny how I say, sorry, write “speaking” when I’m typing), a recent post points to some Flickr photos by Stephen Downes. The name of the island(s?) rang a bell: a very funny French Canadian movie based there. I saw it on a plane last September, Singapore-Auckland. Can’t find it on IMDB (I thought it had Magdalene in the title). Perhaps someone can find identify it? Not a Hollywood movie, and well worth seeing. (Really, there are far too many otherwise well educated people who believe that a movie not made in Hollywood and not benefiting from a multi-billion-dollar advertising campaing can’t be worth watching. Like my daughter who thought Hershey’s chocolate was delicious… until she tasted real (Belgian) chocolate. Ha!).

Congratulations to Will on the smooth transition to WP. I’m getting sweaty palms and headaches just trying to install Moodle. And that’s WITH James Farmer’s help!

Will’s migration (if that’s the word) has provided me unexpectedly with a chance to re-read some of Will’s old posts, including this one with a list of 10 points teachers who blog (or are thinking of blogging) might usefullly consider.

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