Why Johnny and Janey can’t read and Mr and Ms Smith can’t teach

Just want to quickly blog this article by Mark Federman, (PDF Warning!) to come back to later when I have more leisure (yeah, right).

It was one of a number of thought-provoking articles listed by Will Richardson, the first of which was this, and the two of them together prompted these thoughts:

When I read “America’ education crisis”, I want to know, who’s speaking? Because one person’s “crisis” can be another person’s “great leap forward” and yet another’s “opportunity”.  For some it means that America is risking no longer being able to compete on the world stage in terms of jobs, creativity, entrepreneurship  But if the educational system is rotten beyond repair, a crisis might seem good news….

On a technical note, since I upgraded to Firefox’s latest offering, I can no longer use the extremely useful “BlogThis” extension, dammit, but the plus side is I’m rediscovering the usefulness of the Blogjet.


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