What makes an interesting blog?

MY low-level EFL students have created their own blogs, and have written an initial post. Tomorrow, I will ask them to visit some blogs created by students’ last year and ask them to judge which posts were interesting and why, and which were not interesting and why.

Anyone got any suggestions for criteria? Or sample blogs they’re willing to share?

What I came up with are these 3 criteria:
1) A blog/posting that provides some new and/or interesting information (what is new or interesting depending on the visitor of course)
2) A blog or posting that you enjoy reading
3) A blog or posting that invites you or makes you want to leave a comment

Remember, we’re talking about low-level EFL students here.

2 thoughts on “What makes an interesting blog?”

  1. Maybe you’ve already seen this, but I was just looking through some student blogs at apcampbell‘s site. They might provide you with some ideas.

  2. How about a blog or posting with good pictures that are relevant to the theme of the post or blog.

    (I’m not a fan of photoblogs, but many are)

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