Unlearning, wtf?

I’ve often used the word “unlearning”, rather unthinkingly, as I now realize, thanks to this post by Mr Smartcoolguy himself.Infedelic Ideas: Unlearning, wtf?: There was a meme in the blog community about unlearning: unlearning the past in order to replace it with something new as the lifetime of what you know gets shorter and shorter all the time.

Hugh Gapingvoid mentions that he had to unlearn his career in advertising to come up with something as genious as

Hughtrain. Indeed, it’s more than genious, go read it.

I think unlearning is a word from the old world where we used to think learning as acquisition of knowledge. I guess unlearning as a word is reversing that practice and putting something else back in. Yet I argue, you just can’t unlearn, as the way how you have constructed new knowledge in the past has already shaped your point of view.

I followed the link to Hugh Gapingvoid, and found more grist to my mill:

The only chance our country (your country, depends where you live), your economy and most of all, your family has to get ahead is this: make up new rules.

People who make up new rules continue to be in very short supply.

Does anybody really think being a cog is still viable? I don’t know anybody who does.

Also, here he [Seth Godin] writes about his (justifiably) favorite new phrase: “Yak Shaving”. It’s worth a read.

Yeah, Yak Shaving. Sums it up!

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