Too much (personal) information?

I clicked on an ad for a (US) TV program called Dateline which has a series on men seeking children online, lured by people posing as teens, then caught. Scroll down this page a bit and in the subsection “On Kids, Blogs and Too Much Information” I clicked on “Can YOU spot the mistakes on this profile?“. This could be useful for people (teachers for instance) who are thinking of introducing, or have introduced, their students to public blogs or similar online spaces.

Millions of our kids
are online, but how do you keep them out of danger? Dateline’s
unprecedented look at Internet predators is back. Find out how to keep
your children from becoming a target… and watch as the men get an
unexpected date with Dateline! An all new “To Catch a Predator.” Four
new Dateline specials starting Wednesday, 9 p.m. on NBC

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