The 100 most powerful women

Update: On the other hand, there’s this.

This is kind of in “alternative views” category, tho I don’t know HOW alternative it really is, but it’s kinda cool anyway.
Forbes has a slide-show of “the 100 most powerful women”. Just click on the link and the slideshow runs by itself. Below each photo there’s a link to find out more about the person, something I will have to do as I don’t know 99% of the women who’ve appeared in my slideshow so far. (I don’t watch TV. Maybe that has something to do with it?)

I don’t know what Forbes’ definition of “powerful” is (women who’ve “made it” in a man’s world?)…. OK, JK Rowling just appeared (without glasses), there’s ONE I know…. This is embarrassing. Many of the women are white, but not all are North American, which shows that Forbes isn’t as parochial or ethnocentric as many North American organizations (I was afraid it would be something like “all the women who’ve appeared on Oprah in the last xxx years”).

Anyway, it’s a kind of cool, Internetty way  of getting some education.

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  1. I watch a lot of TV, but I hadn’t heard of most of those women. It was a strange mix of television personalities (Meredith what’s-her-name is powerful?), business executives, heads of state, and news correspondents. Perhaps the heads of state are powerful. Melinda Gates, because she and Bill are rich, has a lot of money to disperse. I missed J.K. Rowling. It strikes me as a fairly meaningless list. I saw that one human rights activist from Myanmar, but I’m not sure the Nobel Prize winner from Kenya, Wangari Maathai, made it. Thanks for sharing it, but gees, that was annoying.

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