Teaching creativity?

Dave Warlick blogged recently about teaching (and exporting) creativity, to which I commented that I’m not sure it’s possible to teach creativity. Maybe it is, but I hear and read a lot of people saying this kind of thing, including myself, and I wonder if just sounds good, or is it a realistic, practicable possibility?

Anyway, I was reminded of creativity when I read this post by a very clever young blogger (with the appealing blog title of plastic bag) in Britain, who used to work for the BBC and now does all kinds of clever things for Yahoo. He is writing about the RCA (Britain’s Royal College of Art) Exhibition. I wish I could see it, it sounds like fun, and who knows? Maybe I could learn some creativity.

One thought on “Teaching creativity?”

  1. Teaching creativity? Maybe, maybe not.
    But nurturing creativity, promoting creativity, ALLOWING creativity, examining examples of creativity … yes.

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