Teachers’ Roles in Learning

Teachers’ Roles in Learning & Problem-solving

After reading Gatto’s suggestions for taking the schooling out of the student by taking the student out of school, I was interested to this posting:

Stephen Downes recently referred to a paper written by Kelvin Tan and Cynthia Lim Ai Ming, entitled No Subjects, No teachers, No Schools, No Peers – Just problems: Arguments for a minimalist approach for maximising the scope of problem-based learning (PDF). This paper is a good review of why the process of learning, especially problem solving, should be separated from subject-based curricula, teacher-assessors and peer pressure in education.

which reminded me of Will Richardson’s posting about the end of learning and storing information we might need in the future, and the beginning of “just in time” learning, where the information is available all the time, so you “pull” it when you need it, rather than having it “pushed” at you.

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