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  1. I left this comment on Borderland – thought you might be interested too.

    I haven’t done this yet this year, but I will send home soon a school district “Media Release Form”
    which I change some of the wording on so that I can put student drawings, written work, photos (they take or photos of them), video (they take or with them in it). I usually attach a letter from me stating how and why we want to publish work on the net – In six years I’ve only had one student’s parents not sign the release and she moved a week later or I think I would have gotten them to sign. The only time I ever had “Copyright” issues was when we made our video “Don’t Laugh At Me” which used the soundtrack of Peter Yarrow (from Peter, Paul and Mary) singing the song. He gave us permission, which I later learned wasn’t enough because when Apple Computer wanted to publish it on their website I had to get Permission from Sony Records and On The Rock Records – that had the copywright from the co-songwriters to sign off – I already knew the songwriters were VERY enthusiastic about us using their song. When I called each company and explained what we wanted to do and that this was a class of fourth graders that weren’t making money – they both said the same thing. “We usually charge about $25 to $250 for public service use – but for something like this we will just waive the charge completely. We give you permission.” Which I thought was way cool. Peter Yarrow emailed his permission as performer and we were all set. Hope that helps.

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