pupils teach the teachers

I got this message today from the AUTO-L email list:

Those of you teaching in high schools and concerned about motivating your students may be interested in an item in one of our Scottish daily newspapers today. It is a report on an in-service training day to be held this Friday in a school in Gourock near Glasgow which will be pupil-led:
teachers will be learning from pupils about what works in the classroom.
The Scottish Executive (civil service) has been working with a psychologist, Alan McLean, to develop support and resources for teachers in the area of
motivation, and this training day is part of it. Mr McLean is the author
of a book title “The Motivated School”, but not having read it yet I can’t pass comment. This is the link that came up when I googled the title:
(and here it is on Amazon UK)
I haven’t been able to open the article online but it might be worth contacting the editors about getting a copy of the piece. It is in the ‘Society’ supplement of today’s (07.02.06) “The Herald”.

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