Podagogy – Where Podcasting meets Teaching and Learning

Am trying to work while listening to an excellent webinar organized by the EVO 2006 podcasting group. I wasn’t able to participate in it live, so I’m very grateful to Learning Times for putting this Elluminate session in the archives.

The session was entitled “Learncasting & Podogogy in Language Teaching” and was presented by EFL-teacher, blogger and podcaster Graham Stanley, Instructional Designer at the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Learning and Professional Development Allan Carrington and Director of eLearning at Spring Arbor University Randy Meredith in conjunction with the Webheads group of foreign language professionals within LearningTimes.org.

This is a link mentioned in the session, to a site by Randy Meredith. This particular page is a list of links related to academic podcasting and online pedagogy. Even though Randy is not in the EFL/ESL field, I’m sure I can learn a lot from this, as I educate myself about scientific, pedagogical bases for using blogs, wikis, and podcasts in EFL teaching/learning. I’m looking forward to browsing through this. Randy Meredith is apparently the person who coined the portmanteau word “podagogy”.
Podagogy – Where Podcasting meets Teaching and Learning

One thought on “Podagogy – Where Podcasting meets Teaching and Learning”

  1. Hello Marco,
    Thanks for the kind words. I hope you receive some benefit from my Podagogy web site. I’ve been so busy with my doctoral studies, I am afraid I may have neglected the site a bit.
    I also have a blog running at blog.podagogy.com, if you are interested.
    Best regards,
    Randy Meredith

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