Peregrinations: 10 Things meme

This is cool. A possible way to start students writing or speaking. Here it will soon be April, the traditional start of the academic year in Japan.
Peregrinations: 10 Things meme:

I saw this on SaneScientist and he saw it on The Kaptain Kobold BlogThe idea is that I tell you ten things that I’ve done and that I don’t think any of the people who read this blog will have done. If I’m wrong, you leave me a comment to correct me and I have to delete the item in question and add another one to replace it. It’s taken me absolutely ages to think of these ten things and they become increasingly pathetic as the list goes on. Unfortunately, some of them come across as boastful because one tends not to mention the events in one’s life that were excrutiatingly cringe-inducing (but I have anyway). Nevertheless, I think it might be a good way to get some of my students blogging interactively. Here we go:

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