Part1: 1.1 Schools and the changing Curriculum

Following links on Stephen Heppel’s sprawling site(s!), I came across this 1995 paper he was involved in for the British government which discusses educational trends and how schools should adapt. I’m collecting quotes and sources on personalized learning.
Part1: 1.1 Schools and the changing Curriculum:

Schools are being encouraged to develop more flexible curriculum pathways, particularly from the age of 14, to provide an education that matches the talents and aspirations of individuals.

Heppell writes:

As part of an interesting bit of early work with the DfES we put a whole building bulletin onto the web, but then asked people to comment on bits of it by texting (SMS) from their phones onto the margins of the web pages. That functionality is now used for other things, but the on-line Building Bulletin is still here.

This sounds interesting. Does anyone know how it’s done? It sounds like text messaging to a wiki. Does anyone know if that’s possible, and if so thru what engine(s)?

The paper has some interesting things to say about architecture and the design of learning spaces, a subject Heppell writes about also here. I particularly liked this creative idea:

Finally, we all know that a simple of model of learning includes the impact of a sense of audience. One very easy way to attain that audience is to beam and focus a projector onto a large external window at night (every night…) and to use that “screen” to show moments from the learning day. Giving someone the chance, weekly, to collect “great moments” from the learning week is easy, but hugely motivating and at night the screen looks like a million dollars!. Try it!

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