Not worrying about the competition

Still purging my bloglines subscriptions. Reading the posts before I expunge them forever. Here’s one by Kathy Sierra:
Focus on the users, not on the competition
I like it because it made me think:

“What if the competition comes up with something really good? Something users really like? “
Then you’ll hear about it by staying in close contact with your user community.

Am I keeping in close contact with my “user community”? How could I do a better of job of that?

Kathy has a post about fun and its role in learning.
And another one that caught my eye was this one about play with the enticing title of cognitive seduction.

Damn! This purging business is taking longer than I thought… It’s like when you decide to throw away all those stacks of National Geographic and Home & Garden and other magazines after storing but not reading them for 10 years. Before you throw them away, tho, you just take one last peek… 1 week later you are still only halfway thru the pile and have made it your life’s goal to read every single one before you die!

Anyway, here’s a(nother) nice one from Kathy Sierra, which made me (a European) laugh: yes, a Yank goes to Europe and discovers (shock! horror!!) that other countries might actually do a few things better than the US! Yes! Ridiculous, isn’t it!! The length and gushiness of Kathy’s post is testament to a certain parochialness that seems to be shared by many of her compatriots.And before I expunge Kathy completely from my subscriptions, be sure to check out this picture.

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