No dreams?

In class on Monday, I had students make an autobiography cube out of B4 paper. They write or draw on the 6 sides of the cube any graphic or number or name or word that is important to them, that says something about them. Most set to quickly, but some had trouble: what should they put? I went around asking questions to encourage the ones that had little or nothing on their paper. To one student, I suggested he write or draw a graphic to represent his dream, his wish for the future. The boy sitting opposite him commented, “Japanese students don’t really have dreams or wishes for the future!” I said, “Is that so? That’s kinda sad.” hoping he would say more, but he didn’t elaborate. I wonder if this is true? If so, (and this would be more evidence for it), then lack of motivation in English class could be part of a deeper,larger malaise.

And speaking of motivation, I was interested to see Getting There has started blogging again, with a vengeance!

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