MFLE – for modern languages information, news, resources and ICT in Scotland

Thanks to Ewan Macintosh’s blog, I’ve been browsing the MFLE website, and am impressed. I’ve already mentioned the Language Ambassadors page, but there’s so much other good stuff here for teachers and learners both. MFLE stands for Modern Foreign Languages Environment so this is languages other than English (I like the “modern” epithet, to distinguish these foreign languages from those other hugely popular ones like Latin and Ancient Greek! both of which were taught at my grammar school).

MFLE – for modern languages information, news, resources and ICT in Scotland
Here’s a resource page, which includes an image bank (categories include “shops, restaurants, hotels”, “food, drink, markets”, “sightseeing”, “leisure time”, “transport”, “notices, signs”, and more.
The resource page includes a database searchable according to language, level, and resource types, which include CD-ROMs, sound files, lesson plans, teacher guides, videos, worksheets, and more. I searched for “learner tools”, and found some posters giving statistics about jobs that use languages.

There’s a page on creative teaching, which includes pages on
internet challenges (something like webquests),
Easter plays in various languages,
and a link to learner resources on the BBC’s Jam website.

The page includes a link to video diaries by language assistants working in Scottish schools, which sounds very interesting.

There’s a whole section on assessment in schools, including an online self-assessment toolkit.

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