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Purging my bloglines account. So many blogs subscribed to, many of which I haven’t read in months. Which ones to keep, which to dump? Gotta read them first to find out. Well, first on my list in the “Life, inspiration ‘n’ stuff” folder is Ming the Mechanic. Scroll down and read a few posts. Pretty soon, I’m hooked (again) and reading each and every one, AND clicking on links within those posts.

Ming blogs about practical stuff like this, thoughts on principled (and less principled) and innovative business practices, high ideals, thought-provoking ideas on life and creativity, possibilities both exciting and terrifying, fun and laughs, inspiring thoughts, and some great pics. Waddaya think? Does Ming get the ol’ heave-ho, or does he stay? In his favour, unlike MySQL or Firefox, he doesn’t take up a lot of hard-drive resources.

One thought on “Life and inspiration and stuff”

  1. Reminds me of the time we got fogged in at Wellington airport for two days – on day #2 after far too much money spent on airport soggy chips we hired a 1.3L rent a dent and drove all day to get back to Auckland for some workshops we couldn’t miss.

    The journey was fabulous – and we used the hours on the road to purge an enormous mobile phone directory – each number had a memory and a story

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