Liberating myself from the how-to-manual mentality

In the foreword to An Unquiet Pedagogy, Paulo Freire wrote:

The beautifully written chapters of An Unquiet Pedagogy demonstrate a profound understanding that practises and experiences can be neither imported nor exported. In essence, Kutz and Roskelly have liberated themselves from the North American culture of how-to manuals.

The minute I read those words, I knew I needed to read this book, and I also suspected that I have not yet liberated myself from the how-to-manual mentality. I read lots of books. I usually have two (at least) in my bag to read on the way to and from work. While I am sick with a cold, I have become more acutely aware of how damn heavy my bag is. What the heck have I got in here? Why do I always need to keep a book or two in there?

I’m not knocking reading, by any means. I’m addicted to learning! I’m stuck in the “I still need more information” mode. The eternal student.

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