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At my main school, I can book time in a computer lab and supervise my students while they struggle with registering for Moodle, sign up for Flickr accounts, etc. I have also created Moodle classes for some other classes I teach at other schools. However, those classes are not held in computer labs, and I was hoping that it wouldn’t be necessary. Today, though, I managed to book some time in a huge lab (over 100 computers; my 35 students were lost in it!), and took them through the Moodle registration. As that did not take long, and as I had the room for 90 minutes, I also invited them to take a blog tour – and leave comments, then write about the experience in their Moodle Forum.

Of course I pointed them to the blogs I’ve had my students create. But I hadn’t realized (or had forgotten) that Blogger’s default setting is to allow comments only from people who are Blogger registered users. My students today were not, so they were frustrated in their attempts to leave comments. Fortunately they could leave comments on my WordPress blog (and some of them did).

Tomorrow, I will have my blogging students change the settings so that anyone can leave comments. At least for a week or so, to help boost traffic.

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