Learning for a small planet

This new project of Etienne Wenger’s looks interesting.

Learning for a small planet is a unique project to
develop new learning models for the 21st century. Many of the
challenges we face today can be understood as learning challenges: economic
development, the creation of a world culture that is both global and diverse,
the environment, health, regional conflicts—to name a few. Increasing our
learning capability is therefore an urgent imperative. But in order to do so, we
need new models about how to proceed and new visions of what is possible.

Some new models are emerging. In the last decade, for
instance, the concept of community of practice has inspired people and
organizations across all sectors to explore new ways of supporting learning. It
is time to take a systematic look at what is happening, analyze what we are
learning about learning, and explore where this could lead us.
for a small planet
is an attempt to do this:

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