Jimmy Carter is a smart man

A former businesswoman-turned-teacher took some students to attend a talk given by former US President Jimmy Carter:

When he wanted to write a book on poetry, he found some professors at Arkansas State University to help him. He called them “his professors.”

He is the first American president to write a work of fiction, “The Hornet’s Nest.” When we decided to write a novel, he found out the best professors at Emory and UGA and others and invited them to the Carter Center
for a private session on how to write a novel. They gave him reading
assignments and checked out over 50 books from Emory University to
write what some historians claim as the most accurate depiction of the
Revolutionary War in a novel.

He said that when he struggled with writing:”I took the things my professors told me and put them on sticky notes around my computer.”OK,
here is a former US president, Nobel Peace laureate, former state
senator, former Governor, Naval Officer, nuclear physicist, and author
of many books and he needs teachers!
…That wasn’t even the message he was giving! But if HE needs teachers, I do too!

Surround yourself with the best “professors” / “professionals”

Now, he can call the best professors at his whim and trust me, they’ll come!

I can too!
Using my bloglines accounts, I tap into the wisdom of some great
professors who have also changed my life. I read them. I listen to
them. I search their blogs!

I forgot to mention the mouse-tip to Anne Davis, as that’s where I read it first.

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  1. Inspiring post, especially so in the context of having a much different sor of president in office.

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