Integrating conference and workshop

Purging Dave Warlick seems like a crime. But I must be ruthless. My subscription for Dave’s blog shows nearly 30 “new” posts which I haven’t read. I simply do not have the time (for the time being) to read all this stuff, fascinating and informative and provocative tho it all is.

Before I throw it all out, I take a peek at Dave’s most recent offering, and find something of value (hey, isn’t that a surprise!):

i will be teaching a two day workshp on Web 2.0 to a group of tech-savvy educators. What

is interesting is that day one will be tomorrow, followed be the Region 5 technology conference on Tuesday ( which I’ll be keynoting), then the second day of the workshop on Wednesday. I want t figure out a way of integrating what folks learn at the conference into the communication facilies the learn in the workshop.

I’ll be conducting a short workshop this autumn on Web 2.0, a pre-conference workshop, so this sounds like a nice idea. The “workshop” moniker is a bit misleading. Althought it’s touted as a computer workshop, the only computers available will be the ones the presenters and participants bring with them. And there won’t be no nancy-fancy wi-fi neither. Don’t ask.

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