Innovate – Special Issue on the Net generation

This is a call for papers to be published in a special issue of Innovate on the implications of the Net (echo boomer) generation for teaching and learning.

In a recent blog, one Internet maven described how his 15-year-old son made a live VOIP telephone call from his digital camera. No, the camera wasn’t designed for that but, yes, he was able to make it work. He is not alone. We have a tsunami of very different people headed for our campuses. You might view the situation as the ocean having just retreated from the shore, with the mass of the real wave just about to appear.

The new generation in secondary schools and arriving on college campuses has been referred to with a variety of names: Millenials, Echo Boomers, and the Net Generation. The latter is the term used by Diana and Jim Oblinger in their recent EDUCAUSE book, Educating the Net Generation. The expectations, attitudes, and fluency with technology of this new generation presents both a challenge and an opportunity for education. How can educational institutions plan now for these challenges? What will be effective teaching and learning strategies for this generation? How are students using technology? What are the expectations of this generation? How might they transform higher education during their matriculation?

These are some of the questions well worth trying to answer in a special issue of Innovate. Terry Calhoun, of the Society for College and University Planning, and Chris Davis of Baker College are the guest editors for this issue. Please follow our submission guidelines and send your manuscript to the guest editors and to me by July 30, 2006

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