I want to be that dancing guy

Yesterday, I blogged about Where the hell is Matt?
Well, turns out the story is getting more interesting. People seem to have been greatly inspired and also enraged, by Matt’s simple antics. Actually, antic.

First off, Matt finds himself apologizing to all the people in countries that, for some reason, did not get shown in the video (i.e. Matt didn’t go there). From Matt’s posting, he sounds so tired and irritated, he can’t quite remember exactly where it was he went and where he didn’t. Of course, some people living in places he didn’t visit are feeling slighted and upset. Sheesh.

Secondly, he finds people are reading / projecting all kinds of feelings and stuff into what they see.

I found these bloglines particularly moving (my emphasis):

I am not the guy in the video… I mean yes, that’s me up there. There’s no internet imposter scandal. But people do not smile when I walk by. I don’t create happiness wherever I go.

In person, I can, from time to time, be rather cranky. I do, occasionally, have a bad attitude. There have been moments where I have not lived life to its fullest potential. …People tell me how jealous they are. They want to be that dancing guy. I want to be that dancing guy. It’s a worthwhile aspiration. But I’ve got a long way to go. There are gaps in between those clips.

The human desire for fulfillment and joy: so powerful, it’ll make people cranky and jealous. And darn it, it just will not go away. Don’t you want to be that dancing guy, too? Dancing your way through life?

The music Matt used for the video has a lot to answer for, I reckon: even without any video (I’m listening to it on my stereo now as I write), it seems to force me to face the big life questions: Who are you? What do you really want? Actually, the Amazon reviews give you a pretty good idea of how this music grabs people.

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