Gluing student blogpages together

Rudolf at points out the desirability of having students’ individual blogs “glued” together in some way. He tries suprglu but is also looking at alternatives.

If we’re serious about facilitating our students’ participation in authentic exchanges,
then it might be a good idea to make their work more accessible to the
Net at large. One way of doing this would be to aggregate their
individual weblogs into a separate site: pull along their feeds, merge
them into a single stream of posts, repost. Rip, mix, burn.

To illustrate, I have just plugged a bunch of student feeds (aka “sources”) into tawawa.suprglu:
the result looks like a pretty convenient gateway through which a group
of student bloggers could be approached from the outside.

Obviously, though, Suprglu is not the answer. … I’m looking into viable alternatives.

One thought on “Gluing student blogpages together”

  1. Well, I plan on using SuperGlu with my students in April. They will run blogs and participate in Flickr and 43 Things. Each will have a SuperGlu account. I plan to take all SuperGlu feeds and burn them into one using Feedburner. I’ll then have a super-duper course feed which I can make available to others who might want to follow their activity and occasionally comment.

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