Focussing on weaknesses, or strengths?

Weblogg-ed – The Read/Write Web in the Classroom :
Great quote from Kathy Sierra here on Will Richardson’s blog:

Maybe instead of working on our weaknesses, we should be enhancing and exploiting our strengths? What if the price for working on weakness (and who even decides what is and isn’t a “weakness”?) is less chance to be f’n amazing?

To which Will adds:

And maybe instead of standardizing mediocrity by making sure all of our kids can pass the same test, as educators we ought to think about ways to enhance their unique strengths so they can all achieve their individual amazingness.

As I blogged previously, I’ve been thinking about organzational effects on learning and teaching. The studies I mentioned in my blog post found a close relationship between organization type (“bureaucratic” or “communal”) and student achievement. I wonder if there is also a relationship between “bureaucratic” organizational style and “working on weakness” philosophy?

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