Firefox’s Live Bookmarks + Firefox Japanese version

Better late than never.. I just figured out how Firefox’s “Live Bookmarks” works. This is Firefox’s RSS reader.

It took me quite a while to track down the info I needed, but I finally got there Check it out. Also, the Japanese version is now up and running.

I was initially looking for an add-in that would track auctions on Yahoo! Auctions Japan, but Firefox extensions only handle eBay. Then I came across  this (page in Japanese) promo on the Yahoo!Japan website for Firefox. The screenshots and explanation seem to indicate Firefox Japanese version supports Yahoo!Auction (Japan) tracking. The English version will probably do it, too, on second thoughts, because it’s not an extension, nor a Yahoo!Toolbar (Yahoo!Toolbar -Jpns version – will not run on Firefox … yet). It’s just different Yahoo!Auctions open in different Firefox tabs. Still, the wild goose chase did teach me a few things.

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