Ewan Macintosh is on a roll

Haven’t blogged or read anyone else’s for a couple of weeks, but I visited Ewan Macintosh’s blog searching for something. I never found it, but I found lots of other fascinating posts. Ewan is really on a roll. Check out this intriguing suggestion for using GPS and photos in an inter-school collaboration. (And if that gets your pulse racing, be sure to check out Dave Warlick’s podcast on a similar subject with a great bunch of creative teachers).

Then there’s this list of cool blogging tools, including a tip I’ve long been looking for, how to record .amr audio files which have been uploaded from cell phones to a computer’s hard-drive).

And this discussion of the role of teacher, with links to a couple of stimulating (aren’t they all?) posts by AJ.

And at last I’ve found the link to Ewan’s podcast.

And a big thanks to Ewan for linking to the fascinating “The Movies of Campus Moviefest”. Check out “Elevator Girl”.

Speaking of movies, here’s one, Epic 2014, that I saw at least a year or more ago, but hadn’t bookmarked and am grateful to Dave Warlick for providing the link to it. It’s about the future history of the media, both online and print. Short, Flash movie. Well worth a look.  “2010… Google buys Amazon….”  Although this development may throw a major spanner in the works (and more details here by the very smart and funny Josh Marshall, and if he’s concerned, I reckon I should be.)

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