EduBlog Insights -Why I blog with students

EduBlog Insights – Why I blog with students

Anne Davis has switched from Manila to WordPress which perhaps explains why I can no longer find this post on the subject of why teachers have students blog (I’ve saved a copy here):

My thoughts on blogs
Hi my name is Sammey. My thoughts on blogs is that it help me to spell much better. Because I did not know how to spell that good. And I use to hate to write but now I kind of love to write. And I like to write more because people write me back. And it helps me to get my thoughts out about all the things that I need to say.

However, she does have another more recent post on the same subject. She quotes Nancy McKeand request for why teachers blog with students (this was for a presentation on blogging that Nancy did recently). There are 20 replies in the comments.

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