EdCompBlog: Ewan @ Jordanhill

EdCompBlog: Ewan @ Jordanhill
Here’s a blog-post (by David Muir of Glasgow) of Ewan Macintosh giving a talk about Web2.0 to students at Jordanhill, the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow – Scotland’s largest Teacher Education Institution. Ewan Macintosh is a great ambassador for ed-tech, and unsurprisingly there’s a neat idea right out of the box:

One of the things he did that I thought was really cool was to interview some of the students as they arrived in the lecture hall. He took their photo with his camera phone and recorded their replies with his iRiver. Then, while I was doing my spiel, he added this stuff to his presentation so it was ready to use when it came to his turn to speak to the students. Brilliant! Digital native or what?

And here’s part 2 in which David Muir talks about Delicious, tagging and Flickr. Part 2 includes links to videos of
Ewan’s lecture on blogs and podcasts and Web 2.0 and educational uses for all of the above!
David Muir’s lecture on social networking tools.

And here’s Ewan’s side of the story, including a link to the actual presentation as a QuickTime mp4 file. Ewan’s presentation is excellent, including lots of fascinating statistics a la Steve Jobs, like the number of iPods sold in the first quarter of 2004 (in the UK? worldwide? Oops, I wasn’t paying attention) – 4 million – then the number sold in the first quarter of 2005 – 14 million!

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