Digitalising those old records

Yesterday, I made a couple of CDs from some old records I have. 33s. One was very poor quality (the sound, not the music), which I was very disappointed about as it contains one of my favourite pianists, Stefan Askenase, playing one of my favourite pieces, Chopin’s Fantaisie-Impromptu in C# minor.

The CD tracks are now in my iTunes, but the pops and crackles almost drown out the piano in some parts. I wonder if there’s a way to clean this up that doesn’t cost a fortune? (I was unable to find a CD of the Askenase recording).

I probably couldn’t afford this kind of technology. Check out the two versions of the amazing Cortot. Stunning.

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  1. Audacity has a reduce noise filter. I haven’t tried it out, but might help you.

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