Digital Doodling

Peter Ford has one of those simple but brilliant ideas that make me laugh out loud and cheer me up immediately (especially after this kind of class), and thank Heaven and the Internet for blogs: digital doodling, in this case meaning to pass out your digital camera to participants during your presentation and invite them to take a photo of anything they like then pass the camera along the row. When the camera gets back to you, you upload the photos to Flickr.

Think what you could do in a class, especially if you were online and could upload and show the photos on Flickr right then and there, before their very eyes! Cool…

One thought on “Digital Doodling”

  1. Marco, that idea could really work in my class and be viewed straight away on our IWB. Could really be effective in critiquing my own teaching as well as making the kids aware of their own levels of participation.

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