| Teacher gleans federal kudos for bookless classroom | Teacher gleans federal kudos for bookless classroom

An interesting tid-bit, also from Jeff Utecht’s Thinking Stick blog:

Mangus, who teaches in the Granite School District, fell into bookless teaching a few years ago. He had been looking to the Internet for social-studies lessons. But when the sixth-grade teacher found a math Web site, a light bulb flickered.

“I thought, ‘Wow!’ ” he said. “This is so much better than what I’m doing.”

Mangus sought out computer donations, mainly from high schools getting technology upgrades. He secured a computer for every child in his class.

He pointed students to a Web site for math. He introduced the concept of the day, then asked the students to solve problems on their computers. As soon as they answered correctly, students were asked to stand. Those standing are dispatched to help peers, a practice Mangus found reinforces their knowledge while helping another child to gain it.

By the end of the school year, his students’ test scores were 20 percent higher than those in any other sixth-grade class — even gifted and talented students, Mangus said.

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