Classroom design: Classes 2005

Desert Dew

Jorge, who gave up working in the corporate world to train to be a teacher, in San Diego, blogs thusly:

Having sat through so many classes in the last few years a the university level and having likewise participated in many hours of observations at middle school, and high school – I am amazed at how bad the ergonomics and equipment facilities are in our classrooms. If you take a cursory look at what the Corporate world does for their people to insure productivity and good will – it is amazing what the schools are lacking.

If these facilities are available for knowledge workers – what about for classrooms designed to serve teachers and students where they need flexible configurations, group work and an attractive ambiance. Dreaming?

Well actually I was not disappointed to find out that there is such an animal! At least it exists – which I find encouraging….. don’t you? Here are some pictures and a link in case you are interested.

Check out the pictures on Jorge’s blog. He then ends wistfully:
Now how do we get these into our classrooms?


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