Challenging the Paradigm of Effective Teaching and therefore "Effective Lecturing" |

Another interesting blogpost from Sister Lister
Challenging the Paradigm of Effective Teaching and therefore “Effective Lecturing” |

Dougal MacDonald, suggested that the notion of effective teaching (which MacDonald claims came to us in 1963 from Nathanial Gage) is normative – therefore suggesting there is good and bad teaching (or in our case, good or bad lecturing).Gage’s idea is that teaching directly causes learning, while MacDonald counters with the idea that we should be looking at the nature of the interaction as well as the product.

She goes on to mention something I hadn’t heard of before, learner-centered lecturing style:

He promotes an alternative success marker for teaching which focuses on “providing students with the opportunity and ability to learn” therefore directly opposing Gage’s ‘effective teaching’ where the sole responsibility for learning lies on the teacher. In MacDonald’s “Intentional Concept” focus, there must also be an acceptable balance found between indoctrination (“Because I said so”) and Abandonment (direct teacher intervention is discouraged).

MacDonald’s challenges to the idea of effective teaching can be applied to the learner-centered lecturing style we are attempting to cultivate in our proposed learning object.Although the lecturing style has little to do with abandonment, traditional lectures certainly tread upon the grounds of preaching and indoctrination. Here are more of MacDonald’s thoughts about teaching – notice how the word “lecturing” can easily be substituted.

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