Bored to death?

news article According to this news article,

Attacks on Britain’s firefighters are at an all-time high and the Fire Brigades Union says is only a matter of time before a firefighter is killed.CCTV images shown to Sky News reveal the violence fire crews face on a daily basis.The FBU says some attacks are by children as young as six and, in some cases, gas cylinders are deliberately left in blazing buildings….

Project Firefly has been set up in Oldham to bring teenagers into stations and see the dangerous job at first hand. It costs £400 per child but, since Firefly began, attacks in the area have dropped by 55%.

What are the odds that many of these attacks are because the kids are bored out of their minds? A trip to the firestation, perhaps even on hand to see some burned victims or a dead body at the morgue would bring some badly needed excitement and a dose of reality into their lives.

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