Bloom not so appropriate for today’s adults

Am slowly going through messages on the EVO06 JiTT session, and finding some real nuggets. Ed Nuhfer is a quiet master both of his subject and of teaching. For my reference, am blogging here this quote from an email (#386) on the use of Bloom’s taxonomy.

The 1956 model was hierachical. The later revised edition realizes
that this is not altogether true. In addition, the Bloom model is teacher-centered as it is used mostly today. We ask the questions–we choose the levels. If we choose high level challenges, it doesn’t mean that students will be them with high level responses. If we want to get at how students think, we can’t go to Bloom. For adults, we should go to the Perry Model or the Reflective Judgment Model. For those who want a fast view of Perry levels of thinking, go to and look down at about volume 7 or 8–I’ve forgotten which but you’ll find them in that index.

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