Blogs, wikis, podcasts

Am dipping randomly into Will Richardson‘s book Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and finding lots of useful information, advice and ideas.

Something I’ve read about but not really understood or had time to experiment with yet is creating RSS feeds from Furl and folders and tags. This is something Will writes about in his book. His section on Wikis is also giving me ideas of how I might use this tool which I haven’t played with at all yet.

I also liked Darren Kuropatwa’s idea (which Will blogged) of having his students create Wiki manuals for other students on how to solve problems. I’m trying to incorporate blogs and Moodles into my classes, but there’s a big disparity in tech-savviness amongst my students. Perhaps the quicker ones can help the others by creating a wiki manual on how to sign up for or something like that.

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