Blogs and podcasts – what’s the difference?

I often listen to Dave Warlick’s Connect Learning podcast. Others I enjoy are Bud the Teacher’s podcast (which somehow got deleted from my iPod, and it doesn’t seem to be linked to from Bud’s blog, which is irritating; that’s the obvious place to look for it, isn’t it?)

Dave’s podcast is scripted; Bud’s is more off-the-cuff, and it sounds like he often records it while he’s driving and (presumably!) not reading from a script.

At first I thought Dave’s (and other scripted) podcasts was superior to the unscripted ones. But then I got thinking about it one night as I was thinking about something and wanted to record my thoughts: instead of reaching for my laptop or a pad and pencil (remember those?!), I reached for my voice recorder.

Perhaps the free-form, unscripted, podcast allows for a different mode of thinking from a scripted one, which must essentially follow more closely the format and mode of writing.

Anyway, I’ve come to appreciate both forms.

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