Bloglines |Blogging from within an aggregator

Today I was surfing from a computer other than my work and home computers. I went to Bloglines and found several fascinating posts I wanted to blog.
No “blog-this” right-clickability.
No Performancing (coz the stoopid pooter is using IE)
My blogging software, Blogjet, is at home, but not on this machine.
Now, it would be really useful if, in addition to bloglines’ feature of blogging stuff to a BLOGLINES blog, I could blog from within Bloglines to my own blogs.
Is there an aggregator that will allow me to do this?

Bloglines | Frequently Asked Questions: “What’s a Clip Blog?

Clip Blogs are a new feature that lets you easily create a blog within Bloglines, and it is the only place on the web where you’ll find blog creation and sharing capabilities fully integrated with blog search and blog reading. Now everything you find in Bloglines is blog-able! “

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