Animal school – school or homeschool?

From TeachingHacks comes a link to a short movie called Animal School. What do you make of it?

It certainly gives food for thought. It tugs at the heart-strings, sure enough, and the music and pictures are beautiful, and perhaps that’s what makes me a little suspicious in these suspicious, paranoiac times. It seems to be giving a message that’s all too loud and clear. Like an ad for some fancy new technology. In my present state of mind (after reading Gatto, and then this), the only message I take away is take your children out of school and home-school them.

As author Quentin D’Souza mentions, there’s an email collection form at the end of the movie.

The movie was made by Raising Small Souls and they’ve got some feedback which is worth reading.

If you live in Japan, you might be interested in this website which gives info in English about homeschooling in this country.

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