And here’s the employers’ report

The CBI (Confederation of British Industry) has produced their report on school-leavers’ skills, which I mentioned briefly in my previous post. Here’s a summary from the Guardian. Not very encouraging, is it?
No doubt tomorrow we’ll have some reactions, probably first from one of the teachers’ unions. I wonder what they’ll say, don’t you, boys and girls?

An earlier article about this issue, mentioned a “scathing critique” by Baroness Warnock, which you can read here (comments are listed below the article and worth reading, if only to gain a clearer picture of how complex this issue is). One comment reads When education stops being a political football we might get some progress- but that’s never going to happen. Well, probably not till hell frezes over.

Many of the comments are of the “hear, hear, Baroness” variety, but there are some dissenting voices. One of the commenters refers to Peter Wilby’s (former editor of the New Statesman) dissenting article he wrote also in the Guardian, A Grade for the Better Off

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