Aline Crumb in the South of France

A propos of nothing in particular, or rather too many things to put into just one blog post without boring the pants off all my loyal readers (ok, I have just two, but that counts as plural), (“One word will do – procrastination!” Ed.) here is an audio slideshow with Aline Crumb. Whozzat? Well, she’s wife of Robert Crumb, famous cartoonist, and they both live in the South of France, a place to which I have more than one attachment (ok, two – my parents). Plus, I’ve always loved cartoons, ever since my godmother gave me a year’s subscription to Tintin (the mag, not the books). That love got a boost thanks to a fascinating book/comic called Understanding Comics. And I like Aline’s girly outfits, and her outlook on life and her honesty, and her eyes in that photo of a young her and Robert in Winters, California, reminded me of Frida, a movie that scared the bejeesus out of me, but that’s another story.

PS I got the link from a blog I recently subscribed to Children’s Illustration

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