A variety of free online courses on ESL/EFL starting Jan 16th for 6 weeks

Last year at about this time, I signed up for an online course on using Drama in ESL. Great fun. Partway thru that course I discovered a course on blogging was also being offered. I signed up for that too. Huge fun and a steep learning curve, but a great community.

This year TESOL CALL offer another course on Collaborative Blogging in EFL/ESL

Also there are ones on podcasting,
becoming a webhead
Creating WebQuests

and more.
If you’re interested in any of these, but are not sure how to get going, or would like to “take a class” first, then I warmly recommend these courses. But beware! They are time-consuming, and depending on the number of participants there may be heavy email traffic (tho you can always get the digest version).

The CALL Interest Section of the international TESOLprofessional association is pleased to offer theopportunity to participate in the Electronic VillageOnline (EVO) 2006 season. This is a professionaldevelopment project and virtual extension of the TESOL2006 Convention in Tampa Bay, FL. The intendedaudience for this project includes both TESOL 2006participants and those who can participate onlyvirtually.You do not need to be a TESOL member to participate ina free, six-week, wholly online session of the EVO,Jan-Feb, 2006. Please visit our Announcement Web pageto select one of a dozen sessions on a variety oftopics:http://webpages.csus.edu/~hansonsm/announce.htmlYours in TESOL,The EVO Coordination Team

2 thoughts on “A variety of free online courses on ESL/EFL starting Jan 16th for 6 weeks”

  1. Hmmm…I’m co-moderating the one on Drama and SLA, so that limits my options in terms of time available. I think I’ll go with the podcasting one, as that is what I am most interested in at the moment. But I would like to sign up for all of them!

  2. I’m thinking of doing the collaborative blogging course. Hope I can take all of those late nights. What about you Marco?

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