A Series of Inconsequential Events: First week of school

I’m still on vacation (jus’ rubbing it in!), AND I don’t teach younger children. These are 2 reasons why I enjoy visiting this teacher’s blog. A third reason is here fresh and funny writing style.A Series of Inconsequential Events:

Wow…this is probably the longest I have gone without posting in forever! This first week of school absolutely wiped me out. Whew! I’m almost recovered and ready for week two after sleeping nearly 12 hours both Friday and Saturday nights. Voila! I’m new again!

After four days of intense exposure and sleuthful observation, I think I have successfully determined this year’s cast of characters in my class. We are featuring: One (1) turbo geek [bad…very, very unfortunate], One (1) non-reader [knows some of his letter sounds, though – yeah!], Fourteen (14) non-medicated hyperactive boys [just ‘all boy’ types, nice kids, need training], One (1) possible sociopath [will elaborate later], One (1) perfect angel [will save me later, I’m sure], Two (2) children suffering from severe diarrhea of the mouth, and One (1) big ‘ol crybaby

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